Board of Directors

Intermediate Units are led by an executive director and governed by boards of directors composed of school board members from member school districts.

2022–2023 Board of Directors

2022-2023 Officers

  • Robert Mitchell
  • John Greenlee
    Vice President
  • Paul Harshman
  • Dr. Donald W. Martin
    Executive Director
  • Dr. Kristin Szewczyk
    Assistant Executive Director/Title IX Coordinator
  • Michele McVicker
    Secretary (non-member)
  • William Radcliffe
  • William Martin

Fayette County

  • Paul Harshman
    Connellsville Area School District
  • Carl Planiczka
    Albert Gallatin Area School District
  • Richard Gates
    Brownsville Area School District
  • Kenneth G. Meadows
    Uniontown Area School District
  • Vicki Olexa
    Frazier School District

Greene County

  • Robert Mitchell
    Jefferson-Morgan School District
  • Dr. Richard L. Krause
    Carmichaels Area School District

Washington County

  • Thomas W. McMurray
    Peters Township School District
  • Joseph Grodz
    California Area School District
  • William D. Price
    Burgettstown Area School District
  • Kenneth J. Wiltz
    Charleori Area School District
  • John Greenlee
    Bethlehem Center School District
  • Joseph Zupancic
    Canon-McMillan School District

Board Meetings

The Intermediate Unit 1 Board of Directors have established the fourth Thursday of each month as the regular meeting date for the Board during the school year. Exceptions to this are the August, November, and December meetings, which will be held on the second Thursday of that month. The meetings will be held at 7:00 pm in the Board Room at Intermediate Unit 1.

Upcoming Meetings